Are you a fan of those funny and cool videos on Instagram? Good news! There’s a simple way to save them and watch whenever you want. Let’s dive into how you can do it. Try our powerful tool to download any instagram video/reel and save it for future use.

What’s the Trick?

Imagine seeing a video on Instagram that made you laugh so much you want to watch it again later. Or maybe you found something awesome and want to share it with your friends. That’s where an Instagram Video Downloader comes in handy!

How Does It Work?

  1. Copy the Video Link: When you find a video you like, there’s a little link you can copy. It’s like copying a piece of text.
  2. Paste It In: Next, you take that link and paste it into the Instagram Video Downloader. Just like sticking a picture into a photo album.
  3. Click to Save: Hit the save button, and voila! The video is now on your device. You can watch it even if you don’t have the internet.

Why It’s Awesome:

  • Watch Anytime, Anywhere: Even if you’re in a place without internet, you can still enjoy your favorite videos.
  • Show and Tell: Share those cool videos with your friends. It’s like passing around a fun note in class!
  • Keep the Best Moments: Imagine saving the best videos and creating your own collection. It’s like having your personal movie library.

Remember to Play Fair:

While it’s super fun to save and share videos, it’s essential to be a good online friend. Always ask before saving or sharing someone else’s videos. Respect the rules and enjoy the fun responsibly!

So, next time you come across a fantastic video on Instagram, give it a try. Save it, share it, and have a blast watching it again whenever you want! It’s like having a little piece of fun in your pocket.

Free Online Video Downloader

How to use?

Copy shareable video URL

Paste it into the field above

Click to download button

45 Supported Websites

What Does iVideo Downloader Support?

9GAG Akıllı TV Bandcamp Bilibili Bitchute Blogger Buzzfeed Capcut Chingari Dailymotion Douyin ESPN Facebook Febspot Flickr Ifunny IMDB Imgur Instagram Izlesene Kwai Likee LinkedIn Mashable Mastodon Mixcloud Moj MxTakatak Pinterest PuhuTV Reddit Rumble Share Chat Snapchat Soundcloud Streamable TED Telegram Threads Tiktok Tumblr Twitch Vimeo VK

9GAG video downloader
Akıllı TV video downloader
Bandcamp video downloader
Bilibili video downloader
Bitchute video downloader
Blogger video downloader
Buzzfeed video downloader
Capcut video downloader
Chingari video downloader
Dailymotion video downloader
Douyin video downloader
ESPN video downloader
Facebook video downloader
Febspot video downloader
Flickr video downloader
Ifunny video downloader
IMDB video downloader
Imgur video downloader
Instagram video downloader
Izlesene video downloader
Kwai video downloader
Likee video downloader
LinkedIn video downloader
Mashable video downloader
Mastodon video downloader
Mixcloud video downloader
Moj video downloader
MxTakatak video downloader video downloader
Pinterest video downloader
PuhuTV video downloader
Reddit video downloader
Rumble video downloader
Share Chat video downloader
Snapchat video downloader
Soundcloud video downloader
Streamable video downloader
TED video downloader
Telegram video downloader
Threads video downloader
Tiktok video downloader
Tumblr video downloader
Twitch video downloader
Vimeo video downloader
VK video downloader


iVideo Downloader offers you to download videos in multiple formats including MP4, M4A, 3GP from multiple sources.

  • Download Videos from Multiple Sources

  • 45 Supported Websites

  • Download Audios

supported media types

Got questions? We’re here to help!

Here some frequently asked questions

What is iVideo Downloader?

iVideo Downloader is an free online platform or website that provides tools and services for downloading videos from popular video-sharing websites like Tiktok, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Is it legal to download content from iVideo Downloader without violating copyright laws?

iVideo Downloader does not store pirated or copyrighted content on its servers. Any videos or images you obtain through our tool are directly sourced from their respective CDN servers. As a result, our tool has no influence over the content of the videos.

Which video file formats are available for downloading from offers popular video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, and more, which may vary depending on the video source and website options.


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